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Integrating AI in our Trade Intelligence Resources 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming the global landscape of international trade. From automating  market research to optimizing customs processes AI is helping to make international trade more efficient, transparent, and cost-effective; and eexpand is on board for this trip.

What does it mean for eexpand:

What are the most attractive countries for my business? What are their market size, the regulations, the main counterparts, the entry modes, the customs duties for my product in a given country? These are the kind of questions that over 1 millions of our users try to address when they browse eexpand’s trade platforms. Since our databases provide such info,  soon our end users will be able to find such information much easier and faster using a conversational AI layer added to our trade resources database.

A first Proof of Concept (POC) in the works:

A POC has been performed concerning our market reports databases. This  AI has scanned through 25,000 market reports and thus far the first results are quite astonishing and optimistic.  Nevertheless, to make this information practical for our users, we are integrating additional concepts in the AI such as adding sources, so that the users can verify the sources in order to avoid any misleading information.  Progressively we’ll be feeding  our AI with additional  resources as we move forward. We will keep you posted on more about the POC as it becomes more successful. Eventually we might be able to build a “super trader” with holistic business knowledge of world markets. Quite exciting times ahead!

Eexpand at the Singapore Fintech Festival

The Singapore Fintech Festival (SFF) has been a great opportunity for Thibault Danjou, our Director Indo-Pacific to meet with some of our major customers, pitch our connectivity and trade intelligence digital solutions to prospective customers and explore the latest trends and innovations in global fintechs alongside industry leaders and policymakers. This year, Web3 , AI and the development of digital assets for the financial ecosystem (tokenization and cryptocurrencies) took center stage, painting a vivid picture of innovation in the financial industry.

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We are adding new shipping data to our collection of Data

Coming in Q1 2024, eexpand will be enriching its collection of Trade Intelligence Resources with the addition of data relating specifically to Shipping. The new Service will allow businesses to find shipping routes, time estimates , prices and CO2 emissions for their sea / land / air transport of containers worldwide. We are excited to be adding this much requested service  after over 1 year of research and development to deliver up to date and relevant content to our clients.

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Trade Intelligence and Trade Finance working together

AMB GLOBAL TRADE FINANCE CONSULTANTS and eexpand. team up to help African banks boost Pan-African trade with a unique Trade Intelligence + Trade Finance initiative !. Check out more in our most recent article.

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eexpand's APIs have been selected to support Jamaican businesses

Our Trade Intelligence APIs and widgets have been selected by the Trade Board Limited in Jamaica to be deployed inside their Platform to support Jamaican businesses in their regional and global expansion. This new premium content will help them to take advantage of new business opportunities and facilitate trade operations

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eexpand Whitepaper: Building efficient solutions for sourcing

Check our latest article where we look at efficient solutions for sourcing and importance of reliable supply chains.

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Export Entreprises becomes eexpand

As we begin the new year, we will also begin with a new name: eexpand. It is designed to convey the double mission statement of our firm: to help banks expand beyond banking and  to help the bank’s clients expand their business; for this reason, we have a double e to expand: eexpand.

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eexpand Whitepaper: Help clients find the right export market

Ever wonder how banks can play a key role in helping their clients find the best export markets and business opportunities? Check out one our latest articles where we focus on finding solutions through our unique set of business solutions, tools and APIs.

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Employee Highlight: Marc Escudier

Marc  joined EExpand  2017 as a Project Manager to bring his experience in project and management  and global affairs. He has quickly become an invaluable team member  at EExpand with his continuous optimism and pragmatic nature. An interesting fact about Marc: he was an astronaut candidate during the 2021/2022 selection organised by the European Space Agency (ESA) -making all the way to the 3rd phase of the  selection, in the last 400 candidates out of a total of 22,523 throughout Europe and he completed the Paris Marathon this year!

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Industry Insights: Connectivity Tools Can Be a Goldmine for Banks

As banking solutions continue to be an integral part of a bank's strategy, new tools and platforms emerge to help banks differentiate their brand. As a result, some business banking and trade finance teams find themselves turning to connectivity tools to help their business customers find their next big break or opportunity that can take a business to the next level. For this reason, we examine how banks can use connectivity tools to be a goldmine for their clients and their profits.

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Our Latest Client: MCB!

We are proud to welcome Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB) among EE's clients ! Anchored on more than 183 years of accomplishments, MCB is the leading bank in Mauritius and the main entity of MCB Group. Over the years, MCB Group’s diversification strategy has ensured it becomes an increasingly prominent financial services player in the region. EE will provide more "beyond banking" solutions to help MCB achieve its full commitment to help businesses expand horizons in the Indian Ocean and more globally. Stay tuned for the release in Q1 2023!

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Industry Insight by EE: Beyond Banking

Beyond Banking has now become an important element of any bank's strategy. Export-Entreprises has been providing banking solutions for international trade to banks in 30+ countries over two decades. This gives us a strong track record and enables us to draw lessons learnt.

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Check out our latest Webinar on Trade Data APIS

As the pandemic forces us to rethink international trade, it's important to provide customers with up-to-date data to help them maneuver their business.  Our Trade Data API solutions can help your international trade-oriented clients to execute their trade and take advantage of growth opportunities while also enabling your organization to leverage customers expansion during the pandemic. 

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