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The Trade Intelligence Portal

A one-stop-shop of international trade data and market intelligence to help companies identify international opportunities and prepare international trade operations.

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Our platform is a world leader in this market. It is powered by a rich and comprehensive suite of international trade databases and market intelligence tools which are managed and updated by our in-house content team of trade experts and the support of international business academics, working with over 1,000 globally reputable sources worldwide.

The Resources of the Trade Portal

The Trade Portal helps international trade oriented companies to:

  • Find the best markets to trade with

    Discover our Trade Business Guides covering 190 countries representing 10,000 pages of content including economic information, trade profiles, business tips, legal system, tips for exporting or sourcing in the country, custom procedures, standards and more.

  • Access industry specific market intelligence

    Identify the most actively trading countries for a given product/service, view product specific import export flows, find country and industry specific market reports, receive industry specific tenders and more.

  • Identify counterparts and business opportunities

    Browse 1,5 Million+ importers and suppliers worldwide provided by local customs authorities, access marketplaces, research business directories, search tradeshow, find tenders, get tips on international trade, verify the status of companies and get financial reports from D&B database, request a personalised list of counterparts and more.

  • Check trade compliance

    Obtain information on import and export controls, get access to shipping documents, check blacklisted counterparts, access labelling rules and much more.

  • Calculate custom duties

    Utilise the latest harmonised and local customs classification number, find customs duties, calculate the landed cost of a product, calculate the export selling price and much more.

Back-End Platform

Each international trade portal is delivered with a back-end to provide onboarding, monitoring and tracking capabilities.

It gives the ability to:

  • On-board and manage users
  • Post your own content on the ITP
  • Monitor traffic and track individual user activity

Key Benefits

The International Trade Portal brings great value to your customers, and allows to collect marketing intelligence on clients, prospects

Key ROI sights:

  • Create a new value proposition for your customers companies
  • Leverage tracking into business intelligence
  • Generate cross-selling opportunities
  • Differentiate your brand

Customizable Features

EE’s platform is designed with customizable features to ensure each Trade Portal is unique to its brand and geographical location.

Based on:

  • Your language, design, legal and compliance specifications
  • Your content, videos, promotional material, links and much more

Delivery Methods

The International Trade Portal features can be deployed as:

  • A white labelled stand-alone platform using your graphic guidelines
  • Embedded pages within your existing platform
  • Embedded pages within an existing platform of yours Widgets and APIs to boost the UX of one your existing platforms

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