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We are a team of dedicated and experienced
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Étienne Vauchez, President

Hervé Solignac Lecomte, Managing Director

“Since 1989, eexpand has combined its expertise of international trade with the development of unique digital solutions, including AI, to facilitate international trade. eexpand is a leading provider of those solutions to Banks and Trade Promotion organisations.”

Our teams

The Client Success Management team

Our team are available around the clock to provide assistance to our clients so their platform meets business success. It is deployed in Paris, Singapore, Beijing. They are available to meet with you and answer questions about any of our products and services.

The Product Managers team

We have a passionate, multi-talent and customer-centric Product team where each Product Manager has a deep knowledge of its expertise field, allowing to ensure the engineering, design and delivery of great quality products. This team is dedicated to continuously improve our applications and features, in order to provide the best user experience, performances and security on our platforms. EE Product Managers also work closely with clients to listen to feedback and expectations, in order to meet every project's objectives.

The IT team

Our website engineers, web integrators and software developers have extensive experience in software engineering and web-development to create white-label websites, embedded platforms, APIs and Widgets. Our data scientists have developed the best cross-border B2B AI-based algorithm currently available on the market.

The Content team

Our content team is made of trade specialists and professionals in international trade. Their main goal is to manage, aggregate and update our extensive library of content resources, databases and tools that fuel our International Trade Portals and APIs.

The Community Managers (CM) team

Our team of Community Managers support and assist users with their on-boarding, generate handpicked matchmaking suggestions, drive engagement in the platforms, ensure good business practices in the communities, assist users for any request.


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eexpand is a human-sized company with a team originating from more than 20+ different countries, all proud of being able to contribute their talent and energy to the service of international trade. The company achieves its success from its strong trade content, AI, website development and international trade expertise. If you have an expertise in any one of these fields and have an international oriented mindset then you should apply using the form below.

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